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Permission to Come Aboard... ; )

Jun 10, 2020
Catalina 22 Lake Wylie, SC
Getting back into sailing after a 25 year layoff. So I bought a well-sailed '77 Catalina 22 last night. Sailing boat, trailer and motor for less than a Jetski. Looking forward to racking up some hours and working towards a bareboat charter license at some point. I'll post here from time to time. Thanks in advance for your replies to my probably dumb questions.

Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Congratulations on your new sailboat and welcome to the forum!! If any questions come up about your boat or anything else about sailing feel free to ask the forum.


Jun 29, 2014
S2 7.3 Fond du Lac
Congrats and Welcome!!

Don't worry about stupid questions-we all have them and the folks here are willing and very able to answer any and all questions. There are some extremely knowledgeable people and a few goofballs on this forum so it works out pretty well for both knowledge and entertainment.
Jun 21, 2004
Beneteau 343 Slidell, LA
Welcome aboard. Just like riding a bike; it will come back to you in short order.
Sep 15, 2013
Catalina 270 Baltimore
And don't worry about dumb questions. I am the department of dumb questions.
May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
Your biggest hurdle will be getting acquainted with some of the modern electronics we now have.
Sep 25, 2019
Welcome. I had a PY23 in Wylie for a couple of years. Now I'm in the " big" lake ( Norman ) with a C27, learning how to operate that. Best wishes for your boat...enjoy!!!!
Jun 10, 2020
Catalina 22 Lake Wylie, SC
Thx Guys and Gals! Appreciate the positive responses. The boat is getting hauled out from its current lake to it's new lake (Wylie) this weekend. My brother lives there and has agreed to left me tie her up on his 35' dock across from his party barge. Says he usually has at least 6 feet of water there - assuming Duke Power doesn't so something extra spiteful to the lake level. Not too worried as the boat has the swing keel. Feel very fortunate as I won't have to be hauling and rigging every time I want to sail.
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Jan 19, 2010
Hunter 26 Charleston
Welcome and congrats. The trailer sailor sub-forum is a good place to be but you may also want to subscribe to the brand specific sub-forum as well. There are a lot op people here with your boat.
Feb 19, 2008
Catalina Capri 18 ann arbor
Looking good!
I went with the Catalina Capri 18, and am mostly thrilled with it, but there are times I wish I had gone with the 22.
Jun 10, 2020
Catalina 22 Lake Wylie, SC
Got her launched and tied up on my brother's dock on Lake Wylie yesterday. Had to motor into the weather for 9 miles (from Allison Creek) as the other closer launch ramp is closed and the other one is on the North side of the bridge w/o enough clearance for the mast. Probably could have motored with the mast down and rigged it when we got to the dock, but didn't really want to try and rig it up in the water - especially since I am a total rookie with this boat. Overall a successful day and the previous owner was super generous with his time yesterday. Going to try and sneak out in the late afternoon one day this week with my sailing buddy.
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