Paint for 170 rudder


Dec 10, 2012
Hunter 18 Raleigh
Hi all,

The rudder on our 170 has several places where the finish has blistered a bit or chipped away. I want to sand it all smooth and repaint. But what kind of paint should be used on this? The rudder appears to be a plastic or resin type material - it is not ACP like the hull.

Any idea if Interlux Brightside® Polyurethane Boat Paint would work well:

Thanks for any ideas/advice!

Jun 8, 2004
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Cpntact Chuckwayne as he might help you here on that.

If the rudder is same material that of the hull, ACP, make your repairs and then go to Krylon white spray paint and see which one it is. Or you can look at the chart for colors for the plastic spray paint which is what we used to repair ACP. I forgot the number of the Krylon but put this out to all Hunter owners/small boats.

If it is fiberglass, then any paint will work.

If you do paint with anti fouling paint of any kind, then make sure it is compatible for plastics as most anti fouling paints will attack ACP
Mar 20, 2004
Hunter 356 and 216 Portland, ME
Thanks, Dave ;-)
The rudder is probably gelcoat over fiberglass like the 216...
you can make your repairs, sand smooth, clean with acetone or the solvent to match your paint choice, and paint. Brightside would work, but it's not intended for constant immersion - if you pull your rudder at the end of the day it should be fine. I've used it on dinghies that don't live in the water and it's very durable. ACT is the only anti-fouling paint recommended for the ACP hulls, and that would work fine, too. 216 is the correct solvent/cleaner for ACT.
Is your boat in fresh or salt water? That might steer your choice of paint, too.
Finally, one of the 2 part paints might be the most durable but they are hard to apply - you need to roll and tip and be very careful on surface prep.