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Outboard Motor for Capri 22

Jul 11, 2013
Just found out that I need to purchase a new outboard motor for my Capri 22, Tall Rig, Wing Keel, #663. What do you all recommend? I had a Johnson 4 hp that was 26 years old. Just need some ideas in so far as horsepower, brand, etc. Thank you in advance. John B.


Aug 10, 2012
WD Schock Wavelength 24 Wallenpaupack
between 4 and 6 hp should be fine, get a sailboat design long shaft though (and more torque on the prop)...

6hp saildrive with option for alternator is nice for charging the battery. Go 6-8hp if you have larger seas, or average wind speeds over 20 knots.
May 3, 2008
Catalina Capri 22 Half Moon Bay
IMHO... The Honda 5hp is about perfect.
It's powerful enough in strong winds & rough seas...
And still light enough to manage on the boat as well as removing/installing for us trailer sailors.

Honda 5hp

Jul 3, 2013
I will also recommend the Honda 5 as a good choice.

Another brand (two actually if you count different paint schemes :cool: ) is Tohatsu. Nissan is also the same motor but with different paint and decals, much the same way that for years Evinrudes and Johnsons were the same except for paint and decals. The model of Tohatsu you are would looking for is their 6HP Sail Pro model which can be had as a 15", 20" or 25" shaft.

Take a look at http://onlineoutboards.com to see what your choices are.


Aug 10, 2012
WD Schock Wavelength 24 Wallenpaupack
my personal preference is for a nice used 2 cycle... they are lighter, more powerful and simpler to maintain. Try craigslist.
Jul 19, 2015
I am on the Hudson River, its tidal, I have to evade large vessels once in a while in light/no wind conditions, 8 hp seems to work.
May 3, 2008
Catalina Capri 22 Half Moon Bay
If you care...
The Honda & Nissan 4 strokes are a lot cleaner than any 2 stroke.
...no offense Shnool, but 2 strokes are dirty, smelly, and generally much less reliable.

The Honda is certified ULE (Ultra Low Emission)
The Nissan probably is too ...not sure.

The weight difference is significant when you jump from 5 or 6 hp to 8 or 9.
...the 5 or 6 hp engines provide TOTALLY adequate power.
Jul 22, 2013
Catalina Capri 22 Mk II Salem Harbor
There are times I wish I had a better outboard on my capri, when I'm motoring into the wind with choppy seas. My run of the mill mercury 4 hp short shaft is prone to prop cavitation at times like these as well as prop rising dangerously close to water's surface. A long shaft with a more "torquie" prop would be better. Both features are found in Nissan and/or Tohatsu's 6hp "sailpro" model. Also. there's a slightly used sailpro listed in this site's classified section. Motor is located in southern NY, I think.
The chief benefit my 13 year old 2-stroke has is 40 lb weight vs 60 lbs for the sail pro, that and the fact that it's mine.
Jun 21, 2020
capri 22 capri 22 Pultneyville
Help! I'm new to monohulls. I just bought a Capri 22. I have a choice of 2 motors; 4stroke 3.5 hp. Or 2 stroke 5 hp without a reverse switch. (Motor must be spun around for reverse. I sail on Lake Ontario.. thanks for advice!