Our yahoo albin vega group home page...

May 30, 2006
I used to easily find our group home page by doing an internet search for - yahoo albin vega group

now i have great difficulty

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Apr 12, 2016
Yahoo groups is a ridiculously outdated form of communication. It was obsolete ten years ago. Facebook isn't the answer either, since there are no archives to search.We desperately need a discussion website, or at least a forum on an existing one. I have mentioned it a couple times on sailboatowners.com, but it will take more than just one random dummy like me pulling for it.
Feb 13, 2010
I am a Google user using Google mail. Yahoo cut off my yahoo mail
because I wasn't using it so I could not use the groups. I figured
it's their right and just let it go. MY attitude I guess was
obstinate But I just didn't want to be told what Email to use so I
just let the group go along with Low cost voyaging?? All of a
sudden both came back a week ago. MY feeling is that email
groups could be financed by some advertising if not to much that
would be exceptionable to me. It has to be paid for somehow. I
use a Google server because when you google something you don't
get a commercial reply from some business. OF course they sell my
information so I am not sure what a good solution is. I may be
wrong but it's my opinion. Doug

ne_neill@... [AlbinVega] wrote:
May 30, 2006
um... i really like the yahoo group and the way it works. Sometimes i like to search the archives of old dicussions as this group and its history has been around a long time and the archives contain past discussions of some very smart people. But you have to be able to get to the Albin Vega home page to search.groundhogSent from my iPhone
Jul 31, 2012
I keep two email accounts. One for family mostly on gmail & this one on yahoo for not-family, for this albin group?... I use yahoo when I can anywhere where my address might be sold - whatever - commercial stuff, genealogy, old school alumni groups, corporate, research, internet searches, Facebook etc. I get ads for How to meet the Perfect Woman for me, Cruises to the Caribbean for $10,000 for the Perfect Woman & me & how much the Democratic Party needs from me - all on the yahoo account, the other is pretty much no-come-on & commercial free. So far, anyway, maybe it's been 10 years or so... from my pad nn
May 30, 2006
LOL..Ok, the trick is to not use yahoo to search for its own group home page...Use google.search..yahoo albin vega groups homeSent from my iPhone