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Original Headsail Furler on First 375?

May 4, 2021
Beneteau First 375 South Bristol, ME
Hi there, been lurking here for years, finally have a question no one's asked before

I want to get a second headsail to match my current headsail (135 Genoa from North Sails) so I can downwind shorthanded more easily. However, I'm 1500 miles from my '87 First 375. Hoping to head down to get it and bring it north next month.

I've noticed many First 375 from my era have the same roller furler, from Harken. It has two tracks on the forestay.

I know the measurements of my headsail. What I don't know is what size luff tape I need. Anyone with the same boat/furler know what size luff tape the track takes?

Thanks much!


Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser moored EVERETT WA
I'd suggest you send the query to North Sail. They may have the specifics of your previous sail and can provide a copy. They should know the info on the the needed luff tape dimensions just provide them with the details.

I am not sure but the sail may have a label with information to help them produce a copy.
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Oct 27, 2010
E-22 e-22 Stratford
Harken system of that vintage use the #6 luff tape. And that is to say that the finished diameter of the rope and tape is about 5.4mm. Harken systems will take up to close to 6mm...but stick with #6.
The standard number 6 (originally used 6/32" rope ((hence the #6 designation)) and when you add the tape it is 5.4-5.6mm finished.
And you can easily put a caliper on it to confirm.
The next size down is #5 tape (5/32" rope) and finishes at 4.8-5.0mm finished diameter including the tape.
And the next size up #7 is: wait for it ...is 7/32" rope and finishes 6.1-6.3mm
bob pattison
May 4, 2021
Beneteau First 375 South Bristol, ME
Thanks everyone! Good ideas all around.

Going to see if the yard has a caliper and someone who can measure, though I think Bob's advice will probably be confirmed. :)

Otherwise, I found a Doyle sail loft in the general area, so I'll follow up with them if the first path doesn't work.
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