Options for the new Hunter 38?

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May 21, 2004
Hunter 31_83-87 Milwaukee South Shore Yacht Club
Does anyone know where we can find the prices for Options that are available as factory or dealer installation on the new Hunter 38? They are not on the Hunter web site and we don't want to get involved with a dealer yet.
Apr 22, 2001
Hunter 420 Norfolk, VA
Buying a new Hunter (or most any other production) boat is very similar to buying a car.
The list of options (for either) is long and the final price you pay for the boat, or car (w/ the options you want) depends alot on how you negotiate. You probabley won't find a "price list for options", because the price to you depends on how much the dealer wants to mark up what he pays.
With boats, there are boatshow specials and packages as well as Spring promotional packages.
Go to a boatshow or two. Just as with buying a car; try not to talk to just the salesman; figure out who the real dealer (owner) is and schedule a time after the crowd leaves to "chat". To start off, make it know that you are shopping, considering several different manufacturers, and (for example) talk up how you like this or that feature on the Catalina so and so...
Boat ( like car) dealers are hurting right now ... regardless of what they say... if they think you are a possible serious buyer, they will be very willing to negotiate.
Only at that point will you be able to determine what the "whole package" will cost.
Have fun with them, the more you talk to different people the more you will learn and ultimately the better boat and price you will get.
Good luck
Sep 20, 2006
Hunter 33 Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada
Sent you an e-mail through this site.

The most common package, if you haven't seen yet, would be the Mariner Package which has a lot of the standard upgrades common to these boats. It's probably the best value for the features you are getting and most if not all the dealers bring in their boats this way. After that, do your homework and compare the dealer pricing vs. buying elsewhere. The dealer would also have flexibility on discounting the access. to sell you the boat you want.
May 21, 2004
Hunter 31_83-87 Milwaukee South Shore Yacht Club
Got several answers by email

One person sent me an address for St Louis Sailing which is a Hunter and Catalina dealer. They have a great pricing page for the Hunter 38 (and all other models I suppose) that allowed me to check the options we were interested in and get the MSRP for them. I copied it to Excel.

A friend from Racine Riverside in Racine, Wisconsin sent me a printout of the option prices. We bought our current boat from them. Great people.

Thanks to both of you. We are not ready to buy and I don't want to get a dealer's hopes up or waste a salesperson's time while we are still in the dreaming stage.

We paid $2000 for a Clipper Marine 26 in 1985. We named it Too Grand. Even though it was just $2000 it was "Too Grand" for us. After working on it the first winter and putting another $2000 in it, my wife wanted to rename it "Too Grand Per Year".

After I figured out what the payments would be for a new Hunter 38 with a few options, she said we would have to name it "Too Grand Per Month".

We currently sail a 1987 Hunter 31 on Lake Michigan out of Milwaukee.


Jun 2, 2004
Hunter 35.5 LI, NY
Most important option

The first and most important option you need to consider is a good set of sails. This being a sailboat and all, sails are the single most important piece of gear. The stock sails that come with the boat are good enough as delivery sails but not what you will want to use in most sailing conditions.

When I bought my boat I ordered a complete set of quality sails with it. Makes a helluva difference to sailing characteristics of the boat. :wow:
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