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One Of The Most Badly Fouled Bottoms I Have Ever Come Across

Jan 11, 2014
Sabre 362 113 Fair Haven, NY
I'd say they don't get out much. Fuel consumption might be an issue, however, dinner is right there under the boat.
Mar 16, 2010
Beneteau 411 Oceanis Annapolis
I’m gonna guess that was a, “sorry, can’t help you. You need a haul, pressure wash, scraping, and a bottom job.”
Jan 4, 2006
Hunter H-310 West Vancouver, B.C.
Nothing that an International Harvester couldn't tackle on the hard.


There was report a few years ago about a Florida company that manufactured large Gin Mills without engines or navigational equipment at a very reasonable cost. The intent was for the owner to tie up the boat at a fancy marina and proceed to impress their friends and neighbours with nautical tales of their feats of daring do. After a while, when they wanted a change of scenery they would arrange to be towed to another marina and start the same show all over again. Something I have seriously considered after the winter of engine maintenance (in a shoe box) I've just been through:angry:.

I think you may have stumbled across one.
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Jan 1, 2006
Marblehead Skiff 14' Greenport, NY
I wouldn’t even stick my hand in there. I’d be afraid of being bit by something.
Apr 5, 2009
Catalina '88 C30 tr/bs Oak Harbor, WA
I have seen worse. There used to be a boat in Friday Harbor, WA on H dock that had large leaf aquatic growth that hung down out of sight below the boat. you could see it down at least 10-15 feet on a good day.
Oct 29, 2016
Hunter 41 DS Port Huron
@fstbttms that was actually a joke, understanding the number of ft2 per average bottom....... but you know some bottoms are bigger than others......:yikes:
May 20, 2016
Catalina 36 MK1 Everett, WA
I saw a Catalina 30 the other day had over 10” of muscles on the entire Bach half the boat. They were scrating with floor scraper and getting more than a gunny sack on each pass. 4yrs since last haul.

I bet if he took the boat out for 30 minutes at top speed 80% would disappear.

I pay $1/ft.
Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
Great music! I had not heard of them and immediately downloaded a couple of their albums to go into the sailing music playlist ! Thanks for that!
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Aug 3, 2010
Hunter 326 Charleston SC
Saw a boat in Charleston SC over 18" thick with oysters. Took 5 days on the hard to scrape them all off 28' boat. Everyone thought the boat was a write off bust she sails today, new owners have done her proud.
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