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old glue

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Jan 9, 2011
Oday 25 Elephant Butte
What are some ways to remove 31 year old carpet glue from my 25ft O'DAY?


Tim R.

May 27, 2004
Caliber 40 Long Range Cruiser Portland, Maine
Assuming you have already pulled up the carpet.

Start with the mildest checmicals first then work toward harsher. I would probably try denatured alcohol first and then laquer thinner, and finally Acetone. Make sure you have an adequate respirator as the fumes from the chemicals or combination of glue and chemicals could be nasty.


Feb 14, 2005
Tayana 37 cutter; I20/M20 SCOWS Worton Creek, MD
Must such adhesives are slowly soluble in MINERAL OIL Apply and let SOAK.

"Goo-Gone" if allowed to 'soak' should also work.
Sep 25, 2008
Morgan 415 Out Island Rogersville, AL
You don't have to remove all of it if you are gluing new carpet down.
Dec 2, 1999
Hunter Vision-36 Rio Vista, CA.
You may also want to consider a scraper to get the loose stuff off.

Are you planning on replacing it with another fabric?
Apr 8, 2010
Ericson Yachts Olson 34 Portland OR
one solution...

I have used "Goof Off" with good success. The fumes were bad -- solved that problem by putting a box fan over a nearby hatch and sucking out air and fumes. It was a little like working in a wind tunnel but very successful.
I used small, cheap pot scrubber brushes and wire brushes and threw them away as they clogged up.
Final touch up was done with a 90 deg. disk sander and some 80 grit disks -- stationed the intake from a big shop vac in front of the out-fly from the sander...

The reading on the ol' "fun-o-meter" was rather low for that job!

Jan 4, 2006
Catalina 36 MKII Buford, Ga.
Re: one solution...

I had great success in removing old dried adhesive with one of those "Multimax" oscillating tools. They have a special fitting that is for this exact purpose. You don't need to scrape or use much pressure...the oscillating tool does most of the work. After that I would use an adhesive remover like Goof Off.

By the way, I think the Harbor Freight multi purpose tool is approx $40....


Jan 7, 2005
Hunter 26 Guntersville Lake, (AL)
To add to Tim R's caution about breathing the vapors, also be aware of the flammability and explosion hazards of the vapors, especially with the "hotter" solvents (lacquer thinner and acetone). Do not use some of the paint strippers that contain methylene chloride. That's bad stuff. BrianW


Apr 18, 2010
macgregor 26x lake martin
All good choices. I recommend lots of ventilation, safety glasses, and any strong solvents test on small area first (start with weaker solvents first). Paint scrapper tool is good. Make sure you wear gloves appropriate for the specified solvent (any materil that the solvent works on will carry whatever it is solvating into your system if the solvent comes in contact with your skin). It may be easier to remove with a small sander, but then you will need to wear a dust mask while sanding. Read all labels on whatever you use, and make sure you work in short periods of time and come up for air frequently.
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