Old boats


Mar 16, 2010
Beneteau 411 Oceanis Annapolis
Dec 28, 2010
Catalina 380 san pedro
My Dad borrowed an outboard motor from a friend to take to Cape Cod for our 2 week vacation. The damn thing quit about half way thru the 2nd week. We got home and he called the friend who said *keep it as it isn't worth fixing*. It was an old Evinrude. He came home one night to find it all laid out on the garage floor. (even then I knew to lay things out in the order you take them apart. Now mind you, my Dad wasn't much of a hands on tool guy. I got it back together under the threat of *I'm going to just throw the damn thing away*. I convinced him to take it down to the outboard shop that Saturday. I'll be damned if the motor didn't just start right up. I could of minutes later the mechanic had it smoothed right out. Unfortunately the owner wanted it back once it was running.:banghead:
Oct 10, 2009
Catalina 27 Lake Monroe
Jesus! I have no idea what they were saying, but that was a damn depressing video! Pretty looking boat, but she obviously had some real damage.
It had been damaged beyond the point where it was worth repairing. From what I understood, they didn't really relish the job.
Mar 20, 2015
C&C 30 Mk1 Silver Harbour, Lake Winnipeg
Shazam! That was the bike that launched my 35 year motorcycle romance! Still have the scars!

The Mini-Trail Z50 and the Trail 70 are being made in replica.
We had the same bikes. My dad, who is in his mid 80's still has the CT70 but the Z50 was sold long ago.
Damn fine designs.

It was an exciting day when my dad finally took the speed limiting throttle slide out of the carb on the Z50 and I could finally zoom along at top speed. :D

When I was in elementary school they had a class project of making a movie on Super 8mm film.
My Z50 was used as the "biker kid" protagonist's ride. I taught the kid how to ride it, but in one scene he screwed up on the gravel, and dumped the bike, damaging the chrome front fender. It still had the scars when my dad sold it and I moved up to my dad's CT70 and he got a 150.

We hauled them around on the back of our camper and used them all over Canada and the USA.

I figure a Z50 would fit nicely on a sailboat. ;)
Feb 14, 2007
Ranger33 25 NewOrleans
I started with bicycles ,than lawn mowers, go carts, than my dad a Mobile mechanic brought my ants car home one summer and said here take the motor out. He thought it was going to take me all week to get it out . I had it laying on the ground before he came home for lunch (I was 12 at that time) at 14 I took on my first frame off restoration on a 57 Chevy than every summer My dad would bring home a car and say find out what's wrong with it fix it and when we sell it you get the money. Got into Auto Body got ICAR certified and did body work for 20 years. did Mechanic work to make ends meet and Now I'm a ASE Certified Mechanic at a local Toyota dealer. A lot of the guys joke and call me a world tech because I will work on anything Motor bikes, RVs, boats, generators ,carburetors, eighteen wheelers, bobcats what ever you through at me .