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O’Day 28 keel depth

Aug 9, 2019
O’Day 28 Magic Titusville, FL
We just bought a 1986 O’Day 28. The Florida title lists it as “make XDY” and “body VS.” the specs site on this forum lists depth as D 4’8”, S 3’8” and CB 3’3”. What do we have here. We are trying to find a marina and need to know the depth. The seller swears it is four feet, which is not what any of the literature suggests. Thanks.
Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
XDY is the code for O’Day (no idea why, but that is what my hull # starts with.

Do you have the full hull #? We may be able to search to determine if that hull is a deep (4’8”), shoal draft (3’8”) or centerboard (3’3”).

Do you know if you have a center board winch, or anything to indicate it has a centerboard? That would eliminate 1 option.

Maybe the seller rounds 3’8” to 4 feet.

Where is the boat that you cannot look at it?

May 17, 2004
Beneteau Oceanis 37 LE Havre de Grace
First, congratulations!

XDY is the manufacturer for O'Day, so no info to glean from that. I don't know what body vs means, but Google seems to show it associated with other random types of boats, so I'm guessing that's not indicative of shoal or deep draft.

I believe O'Day only made the 28 with a centerboard into the early 80's. We bought ours in 85 and at the time the two options were the shoal draft and full keel. We had the shoal draft at 3'8". I agree with Tally Ho that the seller probably rounded 3'8" to 4'. Although it is possible that they preferred to round down to make the boat more appealing in a shallow area.

O'Day probably did keep records of which hulls were which configuration, but I don't know if anyone would still have access to those. About the only resource I can think of for such things is Rudy at D&R Marine, http://www.drmarine.com/. Rudy was the production manager, or something like that, for O'Day, and generally if you can get him on the phone the reports are he's pretty helpful.
Sep 29, 2015
Oday 222 Lake N ockamixon, pa
There are three keel versions. Centerboard, Board up=3.25 feet, board down = 6.83 feet. Shoal draft = 3.67 feet and deeper keel = 4.67 feet. I'm not sure that that information shows up with the HIN.
Aug 9, 2019
O’Day 28 Magic Titusville, FL
Thanks to you all. I appreciate the welcome. It isn’t a centerboard because there is no rigging for it. So it must be the shoal draft. The previous owner told me he had sailed in 4 feet, which precludes the deep keel. Thanks again.