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O'day 28 Access to FWD Shroud Deck Penetration & Stanchion Bolts

Aug 7, 2021
O'day 28 Casco Bay
Hello All, I've posted this in the "Ask an O'day Owner forum but thought I'd also try the "Bigger Boats" section. No doubt these topics have been brought up before, but I have done a few searches and haven't had good results. I'm the new owner of a 1985 O'day 28. This is probably the cleanest, nicest example I've ever seen which is the reason why I bought her. I've always liked O'day boats and learned to sail on a Widgeon.

As for my boat, the deck is dry with the exception of the forward shrouds and the STBD boarding stanchion. The former will require some surgery and I am working with a local yard to do it from below. I've signed up to do the "preliminary surgery" so to speak. This will entail removing the interior fittings given that the shroud padeyes penetrate the deck in the head. Secondly, I will begin rebedding the stanchions when she is on the hard for the winter.

What I'm looking for is information related to the liner and its relationship to the deck and the cabintop. I've attached a simple sketch showing what I can see and feel, with questions. Also, any insight (methods, lessons learned etc.) regarding accessing the stanchion bolts will be greatly appreciated.