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O’Day 272 Gooseneck Question


Dec 22, 2020
O'Day 272 Westport
Hello fellow sailors,

We just unstepped the mast on our 1987 O’Day 272 and, upon inspection, discovered that the gooseneck / gooseneck toggle connection was very loose. When taking a closer look a few things became clear: (a) the lower lug on the gooseneck toggle was missing its plastic bushing, (b) the lower lug looked abraded (maybe I’m just seeing what I want to see here - not sure) and generally thinner than the top one, and (c) the lower mounting bracket had some flex in it as well due to the rivets not being as tight as they should be. It looks like these are the original parts.

I was able to locate replacement items at www.rigrite.com, but I was told that there is a “newer, far superior gooseneck connection that is much simpler”. Does anyone on this forum know where to find this item? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Jammin’ II