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O'Day 20 transom chainplate

Jul 10, 2018
Oday 20 Minneapolis
Are these fiberglass stress cracks on each side of the chainplate a problem. See picture. They are new this season. Chain plate seems firm to the touch. There are no through bolts that I can inspect. How do I repair.



May 9, 2019
O’Day 192 New York
I’d try to check the chainplate attachment below deck. Clearly the chainplate moved and you’ll want to know that it’s still properly attached to the hull. If it’s attached correctly still then sail on and worry about the fiberglass later but that would definitely be worth checking out below deck.

On my 192 that same chainplate is an upside down T shape with 2 bolts holding it and I think the through bolts are hidden under the stern rub rail.