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Mar 8, 2009
Beneteau 311 Buffalo
the problem is they keep saying they fixed it but a few days later something else goes wrong and they have to fix it again (6-7 times). One of the times they said the boat was in perfect condition after repair and was fine for my planned trip (40mls). Once I cleared the docks the transmission quit and there was no throttle (engine was still running). The waves slammed the boat to the nearby wall
Well, a very good friend got his b45 in 2012, he had so many problems w/ Dock & Go, Beneteau replaced the entire system, still never worked. Finally they offered him a bow Thruster and placed a generator for him for compensation. I got my new b45 2016 with bow thruster, works great. Minor issues which up to this past may were repaired/replaced by my dealer. I really have nothing to complain about. Boat is fantastic, as is my Dealer.