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Ocean Mooring

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We're considering a salt water mooring for our 1983 swing keel 22. Any thoughts on what to upgrade the bow and stern nylon cleats to ?? I'm concerned about leaving the keel in the salt water full time. How quickly will those little marine critters start to grow in the trunk and on the keel?? Any other hints on maintenance ?


Not advised

Catalina Yachts advises against mooring in either salt or fresh water for long periods of time. I was surprised how quickly these critters you mention build up even during the limited times I've had mine in salt water. I do leave my C-22 moored in fresh water about 6-7 months and powerwash the bottom and trunk as best as possible. Most of the fresh water growth comes off, and what doesn't seeems to dry up and cause little problem the following season. This would probably not hold true for salt water growth, unless done very frequently. I've never tried to apply antifouling paint within the trunk area, but I suppose it could be done. I would strongly suggest doing this for salt water mooring. Also, If you've followed the forum for any length of time (or want to visit the Archives) you'll find frequent mention of a failing "keel locking strap". This is an exposed metal thingamajig located under the forward port dinette seat that is likely to have problems if left sitting in salt water. Good luck --Rico


No problem . . .

My 1982 has been kept on a slip for many years in salt water, and is now moored in salt water. I lowered the keel this past spring and expected to see all kinds of junk up in the keel trunk. To my surprise, it was clean as a whistle! I do not know why Catalina "not recommends" salt water, because the boat seems to do fine. I have contemplated doing something with the bow cleats and possibly installing a set of line chocks. For now, I feed the mooring pennant around the starboard cleat and secure it to the port cleat. The chaffing gear protects the line as it exits the boat from the starboard cleat. This seems to work, and I may just keep it this way. Regards, Ted
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