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Non-pressurized alcohol stove options now that Origo is gone?

Aug 3, 2019
S2 11.0a Duncan Bay, Lake Huron
My S2 has CNG, which is next to impossible to refill/exchange so am looking for other options. I immediately thought of the Origo 6000, only to find that they are no longer available. Anyone have any leads on other alcohol stoves?

Propane is not an option right now - not ready to make all the mods needed.


May 27, 2004
Hunter 30_74-83 Ponce Inlet FL
As of today, here is a new one from Origo.

If the pic is accurate, it looks like the original. Not cheap, but good as gold. I've had mine for 30 years!
The gimble kit is NOT included, but you can have one made by a local machine shop.


Sep 11, 2017
Beneteau 373 Cape Cod
My newer boat has propane, but before last season, I had a boat on which I had installed that exact Origo 3000. Highly recommend. Previously I had a pressurized alcohol stove that was a nightmare. I wouldn't recommend pressurized alcohol to anyone... ever... It was a miracle I never burned the boat down to the waterline using pressurized. I'd look for that Origo if for some reason propane wasn't an option for me. Ebay is where I'd look too... even used should be good for a very long time... so dead simple there's not a whole lot to break/fail.

Rick D

Jun 14, 2008
Hunter Legend 40.5 Shoreline Marina Long Beach CA
So, I have it that denatured alcohol is no longer being sold in California. Methanol may still be available to use for stove fuel. Word has it that retailers had three years to use up the available supplies. That's a PITA if true and it does indeed appear to be. I have been unable to find chapter and verse though; just a CARB paper from 2009 discussing it.
Aug 3, 2019
S2 11.0a Duncan Bay, Lake Huron
But maybe not impossible. My strategy would be to get one or more extra tanks and fill them all on annual or biennial trips to the fill station.

Natural Gas Fueling Station Locations
Yes, there is an adapter on eBay that works for CNG filling stations. I'm slightly afraid of the filling process and 2500-3000 psi. The adapter I am looking at does allow one to "ease" the gas into the tank, though. The other thing that I have not looked into too deeply is having my 35 year old tanks tested. Looks like 2006 was the last date stamped on them.
May 16, 2017
Pearson 10 Meter 39 Westport Ma
I went through a similar search earlier this summer. The origin i found on EBay was being sourced from eastern Europe. I did find the two burner stovetop at binnacle.com, a Canadian chandlery. They had several in stock at the time
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Consider a one burner butane stove like I use on my camping trailer. Cost ~$23+ and butane canisters are readily available from camping supply stores.