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New to me Endeavor 32 - need cradle dimensions

Jan 20, 2009
Endeavour 32 Fredericton, NB
Greetings Endeavour 32 sailors:

I am the new owner of an Endeavour 32 that I acquired without a cradle. It would be wonderful if Endeavour 32 owners on this forum with cradles that fit their boat well could provide me with some measurements of their cradle. I bought a cradle for this boat knowing that it would need to be modified before I could use it.

My cradle is 69 inches wide and 12 feet long. According to one source the posts need to be 30 extendable to 33 inches at the bow, 27 extendable to 33 midships, and 30 extendable to 33 at the stern. The mid posts are centered on the cradle frame fore and aft. The outer edge of the bow posts should be 7 inches in from the outer edge of the cradle. The stern of the cradle should be open.

My questions are as follows:

Those posts seem awfully short. Are those appropriate heights?
Are the center posts at the midpoint of the cradle?
How long is the keel platform, and how far is it from the rear of the cradle to the rear of the keel platform?
Could you confirm the seven inch indent of the bow posts?
Does the rear of the cradle have to be entirely open? If not what is the maximum height that a horizontal crosspiece could be without compromising functionality?
Am I missing anything?

Thank you in advance,


Jan 20, 2005
Nauticat 321 pilothouse 32 Erie PA
professional cradle manufacturers have 3 generic sizes -- 25 to 30 ft , 30 to 36 ft and more than 36. the cradles they supply will fit any size keel. check with a cradle manufacturer, they will tell you how high their jack stands will extend for a 32 ft boat.

IMHO the 36 inch posts sound a little short even if you have a shoal draft keel.

we saw a used cradle for a hunter when we were on a search for a cradle for our 33 ft nauticat with a 5' 3" keel. there was no way we could have made that other boat's cradle design work. we ended up buying a new Jowi which was expensive but really has been a great cradle.