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new owner of S2 9.2c


Sep 23, 2018
S2 9.2c Palacios tx
Helo everyone, I am new to this forum. I recently purchased a 1979 S2 9.2 C sailboat.
I started sailing 420 as a kid then had a Catalina 25 and now a great looking S2.
all the systems in the boat are in a working order, but it is somewhat overwhelming.
For now the items to worry are the engine (Yanmar 2QM15 with low hours) that works good, and the bilge pump that not working. My questions are: 1. should I drain the fuel tank compleatly and refill with fresh diesel( the boat hasn't been sailing for several years). 2. The engine has a little corrosion on the outside, should I worry about it? 3. the bilge pump is some kind of electrical with a pully and belt driven and there is a float switch on a stick that out of the bilge, what is the best replacement for that? And finally, the manual bilge pump in the cockpit is broken, where can I get another one? Any help will be appreciated
Oct 19, 2017
O'Day 19 Littleton, NH
Welcome to SBO's forum Avi. It looks like you have started strong with both a great boat and a great online forum. Don't forget to make friends with other experienced local sailors while enjoying a :beer:at the marina pub.
There are amazing experts in all nautical systems here and others will have better answers than I for engine and electrical issues, heck, for all issues. However, I'll be glad to start it off. If the fuel tank is low on diesel, corrosion inside the tank might be an issue, but diesel is oil and should have a preserving effect on metal by keeping air away from parts. I don't know what kind of shelflife diesel has, two years seems pretty long, but it shouldn't be as short as gasoline, it's much less refined. Try probing the tank to the bottom with a long flexible stick and look for sludge or grit. Does the diesel look clean or dirty? If you have any doubts, dump it and start fresh. It's relatively cheap insurance compared to other problems it might cause.
Pictures are always a plus. We like looking at pictures of other people's boats and their projects. They are super helpful in addressing problems too. If you have pictures of your bilge pump, that would help us help you. As far as supplies and replacement parts go, SBO has a convenient commissary you can search through for items. Here's a link to one manual bilge pump they have in their store. https://shop.sailboatowners.com/prod.php?12015
It seems a bit pricey, but it looks like it's top quality and heavy duty. I have been looking, myself at the Whale Marine manual pumps, but I have a little 19' Mariner and I can only go by published reviews. I don't have experience with either the pumps or buying them.
Great purchase on the new sailboat and in joining us on SBO. I hope to hear a lot from you and your adventures in the future.

-Will (Dragonfly)
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Welcome. @Avi. Congratulations on your new boat. The S 9.2 is aboar with a great heritage.

The manual pump is broken. Not sure what you mean. Pieces are lying about or is in just not moving water out of the bilge?

Could be several things. The bilge hose is not in water, they’ve hose is clogged, the handle needs replacement, or the rubber diaphragm is cracked. The first two are adjustment cleaning issues, three and four are parts replacement.

Or you can take the buy new approach. Whale Marine makes good pumps. The gulper urchin moves a fair amount of water. https://shop.sailboatowners.com/prod.php?8587
Apr 26, 2015
S2 26 Mid On Trailer
Welcome Avi.
I would definitely drain the tank and change all fuel filters. Does your boat still have the original aluminum tank or has it been replaced with a plastic model? I had some welds that you could see through from corrosion on the outside of the tank just waiting to leak so replaced the tank.
Those belt driven bilge pumps are high end units $$$. You might think about fixing it if you can. Probably bad contacts on the float switch. If the rust on the engine is just surface, scrape it with a knife or screwdriver, I would let it slide down the list of things to repair.
There is a Facebook S2 specific group with many 9.2 owners and I think some are down near Houston.


Sep 23, 2018
S2 9.2c Palacios tx
Guys, thanks very much for your response and advise. good idea to replace the tank to plastic. I will have to dedicate some time to bilge pumps project. I have to figure out how to send photos (couldn't do it in the Catalina forum for some reason). If somebody can explain to me how to do it in this forum, it'll be great, I will be happy to show pictures. In the mean time I am exited to take the boat for the first time as a new owner solo on new years day.


Jun 1, 2004
Catalina 27 Mission Bay, San Diego
I have to figure out how to send photos (couldn't do it in the Catalina forum for some reason). If somebody can explain to me how to do it in this forum, it'll be great, I will be happy to show pictures.
If the picture is on you computer, use "upload a file" at the bottom of the page. Follow the path to the directory you pic is in and open or load it... you can repeat to add as many as you choose to.

If the picture is from an online source, another website for instance, then you use the "image" icon, next to the "smilies" icon. It's on the menu bar at the top of your "reply" box.

To capture a picture from an online source, right click on the image and select "properties". Copy the URL (address) and paste it in the "image url" box that appears when you open the "image" icon.
Should you want to provide a link back to the image's source, highlight the new creation and use the "link" icon to insert the destination URL you want to provide.
Oct 19, 2017
O'Day 19 Littleton, NH
There are some image formats SBO doesn't support. Check the file type. .jpg, .bmp, .gif, I know work. There is a size limit too. If I can't load an image, I open it in an image editor like 'Paint' and save it as another format type.

-Will (Dragonfly)