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new outboard for H216

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Aug 16, 2009
Catalina 28 mk2 Toronto
When I bought my (new) 216 last summer, I also purchased a Merc 3.5 hp, which worked well. Now, due to a change in mooring arrangements, I want to upgrade to a motor with a reverse gear (instead of rotating the engine). My dealer can get a Merc 4 hp, which will do this, and has an internal gas tank like the 3.5, but not until mid-June or July. I could get a 5hp right away, though ... it weighs the same as the 4 BUT has an external gas tank.

Does anyone have any advice/experience about whether a gas tank in the cockpit is a pain? Any other advice?


Ray T

Jan 24, 2008
Hunter 216 West End - Seven Lakes
when I was using the motor on my 216 I had a 3 gallon plastic tank sitting on the floor back by the rudder. I guess if I was in violent weather I might give some thought to securing it but in that case I'm not going out. I think you could take a knockdown and the tank would stay in place. If the tank didn't stay in place it would move to the other side if the cockpit.
Jan 10, 2007
Hunter 216 Pardise Found
I have a Nissan 9.9 (too big but it was practically new and I got it for free). I have a 5 gallon tank I carry in the cuddy. I simply fabricated a long gas hose that reaches from the cuddy to the stern. I pull out the hose when I need the motor and throw it back in the cuddy when the sails come up. Only cost a few bucks and works great.
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