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New Hunter 37 Cherubini owner in South Dakota

Oct 25, 2011
Hunter 37 Cutter Yankton SD
I closed the deal today on a 1985 Hunter 37 Cherubini, its got the 4 cylinder Yanmar.... it's been sitting on the hard for 6 years now. I just spent the last five years rescuing a 1981 Hunter 30 cherubini tall rig deep fin... thank you to everyone who has been posting to make these upgrades so much easier to figure out. after I get the diesel fired up the first things on the agenda are adding marine AC system, and ice box Refrigeration conversion... and new thru hulls to get rid of the gate valves.


Jun 2, 2004
Hunter 37-cutter, '79 41 23' 30"N 82 33' 20"W--------Huron, OH
I think that my refrigeration project is in the "Owners Modifications" in case that helps.
I, too, am surprised that there is an H37C in South Dakota.
Oct 25, 2011
Hunter 37 Cutter Yankton SD
It's a damned up reservoir on the border of South Dakota and Nebraska on rhe Missouri river, Lewis and Clark Resevour. Approximately 2 miles wide by 12 miles long. We have a 500 boat marina. Lots of boaters come from Omaha NE and Sioux Falls SD.
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May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
My daughter and her family reside in Huron, SD so I find it interesting that there is a place to sail a large Hunter. With the speed of a big boat like that that reservoir could become rather small real quick. On the other hand it will make an excellent house boat. I don't think at the moment you need to worry about refrigeration until next spring. Enjoy the boat.