New Hunter 28.5 owner

Jan 30, 2012
Catalina 36 Bayfield, WI
Hello to all. About 2 months ago I purchased a 1985 Hunter 28.5. The boat has been sitting on the hard for the past two seasons and is in dire need of TLC. The price was right and it came well equipped with sailing electronics and sails so I bought it. I wont be able to splash it until next spring and right now I have the boat winterized and covered.

I would really like to find out who the current 28.5 owners are that participate in this forum. I have spent many hours going through the archives and searching for information. Many issues that I am dealing with keep pointing back to the twentyeightfive forum. Unfortunately I am unable to access it.

The two main issues I have to address with the boat are leaks and odor. I plan on replacing port light gaskets and rebedding hardware with butyl tape. The mildew smell I'm pretty sure is a result of many years of stuff festering beneath the cabin sole. Eventually I will need to replace it. Sooner than later if the Admiral has anything to say about it. Any advice as to method and materials is much appreciated.

Also on the short list is a new bimini that I am going to have custom made. I like the looks of the ones that attach to the rail but most I see are screwed to the coaming. What are the advantages/disadvantages to both?

I appreciate any feed back that can save me time and money. I am especially interested to find out who the others are that are in the same boat I'm in. :)