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Negative Bus Location

Sep 7, 2020
O’Day 22 Greene’s Creek, Sayville, NY
My O’Day 22 (‘78 MH rig) has one mess of an electrical system. One improvement is to replace the big knot of twisted wires that currently serves as the common negative with a proper negative bus bar. The problem is where to mount it. I’d like to keep the original panel location (starboard side bulkhead, just inside the companionway) but the only way I can think of to install the negative bus near the panel would require cutting open additional access. The current common negative mess is just shoved deeply into the approx. 1” gap between the inner and outer fiberglass skins. Would it be better to cut open more access or to maybe run all the negatives elsewhere where I already have access? (e.g. near the battery in the starboard lazarette just *outside* the companionway). How was the original wiring accomplished/serviced in such a tight space? Tangential thoughts are welcome as well.
Oct 20, 2014
O'Day 23-1 Lake Champlain, Vermont
If it were me I would probably cut open an access area and cover it afterwards with a thin teak plate held by screws. If you put the bus in the lazarette I think it would be at greater risk of water exposure and accidental shorting from items in that area. Whereas the wall location should be dry and protected unless some fitting is leaking from above.
Mar 2, 2019
Oday 25 Milwaukee
I was in the exact same position when our Oday came home 15 years ago . The factory laid out the harness and then sandwiched it between the layers of fiberglass .
I pulled every wire I could out and started over . The negative buss bar is mounted on the bulkhead under the cockpit .Our boat sits on a mooring all summer on Lake Michigan . Corrosion really hasn't been a concern


Nov 16, 2019
Oday 25 Any water in driving distance!
I did similar to Timm. Seemed easier for me.

I took a small 1'x1' square of thin plywood and screwed my 12v distribution plate and ground bus bar to it along with a couple fuses and a 110v ac inverter. Assembled it on my bench, then just used 3 screws to secure that plywood to the bulkhead, kinda tucked up out of the way as much as I could.

now all the electrical stuff (aside from switches) is on one sub-assembly that I can remove if needed.