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Need to know what's necessary

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Nov 24, 2009
none none no place
I'm going to buy one.

There are some great mods out there from experienced owners and I want to know what is best and necessary to do.

Sounds like Macgregor should be making some of these mods standard. I have asked them what they thought and am waiting for a reply.

I am particularily interested in the rigging mods, and mods to the mast raising system. And by the way, where does the mast raiser stow?
Today, I read about rudder mods and the rationalle seemed plausible.
I've seen trailering mods involving moving the axel backwards, and adding mast supports.

There's getting more storage space from areas that shouldn't be inaccessable.
I thought that the bow pulpet mods and the rigging to raise and lower the dagger board from the cockpit a nice idea.

I wish some one knowlegable would sort out these mods and make a list of "pretty darn good to haves". From there I can contact the owners who made them and ask why they did it and what I need to get to do it myself.

My wife wants to take a "loooong" time off and we want to do the Pacific NW, first. LOL, I am trying to tell her to forget about the Aleutians and China.....

I can sail..small, as my first boat had a lateen rigged main with only 65sq feet of sail. I built the whole thing in my garage. It was about 18 ft long and before my first sail I built a simple wooden model and got a fan. I let it blow on the little sail and figured out how sailing was done......
First time out, there were whitecaps, too much wind, and the sheets ripped through my fingers. The only thing stopping the wind against the main from ripping out the keel set mast, was the starboard mast stay.
It took me across the lake so fast I could feel the keel vibrating and hear the hum. Oh, and the wind bent my mast over in the middle about 80 degrees.
May 4, 2005
Macgregor 26d Ft Lauderdale, Fl
hmm, 60 views, no replies...

1st where are you located? (where do you plan to sail), 2nd what model boat are you looking at?

its sounds like you are looking at a new M model... (based on you are asking the factory to implement changes)

I'm not sure how much talk on this board is about the new model.. most seem focused on the older classic models. venture's, C's =(26d&s), some X models.

There are some boards more focused on the newer models...

so, I'm not really sure what's your question.
Jun 3, 2004
Macgregor 25 So. Cal.
Different mods for different boats and trailers and how you want to sail.

Help us out a little here.
Dec 28, 2007
Macgregor 26X Surfside Beach, SC
The mods I found most useful have been:
- extending the halyards to the cockpit
- a steering brake
- adding an additional set of guides to the boat trailer
- a lazy jack for the main sail
- adding a support for the jib sail furler when the boat is on the trailer
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