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Need new winches for Hunter 23

Jun 6, 2015
Hunter 23 Austin
The winches are Maxwell #14 one-speed and I could not find them in the web store here. Now what do I do? Are there any other winches that fit on the same holes in the hull?


Dec 29, 2010
Hunter 25.5 Point Venture, TX
If you need spare parts so that you can maintain your Maxwell winches, I suggest you contact Allen Hutton at the Australian Yacht Winch Co. Here is his e-mail address: winches@attglobal.net

He can supply you drawings of your Maxwell winches (so you can figure out what parts you need). And then he can also supply you the replacement parts you need. The only downside is that it takes a couple of weeks or so to get the parts, because he is in Australia.

My Hunter 25.5 has two 30-year old Maxwell 17STA sheet winches and a Maxwell 14A halyard winch. Allen has been able to supply me the parts that I have needed to keep these original winches operating.

Be advised, however, in addition to ordinary shop tools you may also need an arbor press to properly perform some of the maintenance (like pressing a new plastic cap onto an alloy drum ... or pressing a new plastic bushing onto a drive shaft). But if you have the tools ... Allen can supply you the parts ... and you will be able to keep your winches operating like new.
Nov 26, 2012
Hunter 34 Berkeley
Forget about the Maxwells

Don't worry about the holes. Seal up the old holes and drill new ones and get a couple of decent Lewmars or similar and forget about the Maxwells. They're crap. Ebay is a wonderful place for winches. I replaced all the Maxwells on my boat with Lewmars that I got used on Ebay and I never looked back. Best money I ever spent on an upgrade. So much better.