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Need new fixed windows Cal 2-25

Dec 25, 2018
Cal 2-25 2 Tx
Does anyone know of a company who makes replacement windows and frames for the cal 2-25? These are for the fixed large portlights
Jul 9, 2018
Catalina 25 Lake Monroe
I only had two leaking dead port windows (the two aft) so I ordered the re-seal kit from CatalinaDirect.com. I carefully (and painstakingly) spent hours slowly cleaning them and meticulously rebuilding them per instructions, and they leak worse than before. UGH!

One suggestion though, there are a *ton* of Catalina 25s in salvage yards. If you're looking for a whole set of windows, you'd probably find the best price from calling around.

I looked at the CruisingConcepts site but I believe their set of replacement windows (for the newer style flat style) was like $1,500 which is way too much for the value of the boat. I can get high quality tinted acrylic cut for all the windows for around $250 total, but the trim would be harder to come by.

Does anyone have suggestions for where I could find (or have fabricated?) mahogany window trim rims for the inside?
Jan 15, 2019
Cal 2-25 MDR
Yes! I replaced the fixed portlights on my Cal 2-25 with factory-like OEM windows from Mark Plastics. Mark Heacox (owner) has tooling to fabricate the exact fixed windows that came with new Cal 2-25 Boats. I installed them myself (per Mark's instructions), it went smoother & easier than I thought. Mark is an expert & will guide you thru entire process. Contact: markplastics@hotmail.com or phone: (951) 735-7705