Need help! New Capri 25 owner

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Rick Shaw

Help! I am a Sea Scout leader in Oklahoma who has just acquired a Capri 25 that needs work. I can't seem to find anything on this boat. It is missing the long track on the port rail. I guess it's for the genoa. I would also be happy to get some used sails & specs. RSHAW@EMAIL.USPS.GOV


Capri info

You should try contacting Catalina Direct in Calif. They are the largest independent supplier for Catalina/Capri parts in the country. Call them at: 800-959-7245


Capri 25

Rick: The track you are talking about is for the Spinnaker, I use the two tracks inside the lifelines for my 155% and 135% gennys. General interest: 452 boats produced thru 1988, mine is #354 made in 1983. Most were done in 2 production runs in 1983 and then again in 1988. Light air boat you have to keep flat in heavier air. If you race against someone who doesn't know how fine a boat this is, make a small wager, you will suprise them. Good Luck

Mike Cooney

The track

The track you are speaking of is for the 170% and the spin



info on the boat can be obtained by calling catalina yachts. they have rigging manual and other info on the boats and a book of sailing tips
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