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Need a PHRF for my 310

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Thane Paulsen

I'm in a bind. I'm at the close of our racing year and will pull in the 2nd place trophy unless I can dispell the Schell regresssion formula phrf of 130 for the Hunter 310. I can't find anything on the 310 in any sailing database. I'll take 1st place if I could use the PHRF for the 340, which my dealer (Crows Nest Yachts) tells me is the same hull design and sail plan only bigger. Therefore the PHRF for the 340 MUST be lower. My question: Can you help me prove that? If I can prove that the 340 could not be a slower boat than the 310, I might be able to convince them to use that PHRF (156 at Long Island Sound...do you know of others ) vs that 130 regression formula perf. Thanks for your help, but I need it fast. Thane Paulsen

Waine Ratliff


I also need the phrf rating for a H310 David Williams wiht SE Florida PHRF (info@phrfsef.com) quoted me a spinnaker rating of 168 for shoal draft or 162 for deep keel. You might check it out--if new info please contact me. Waine@usit.net
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