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My Windex 10 cover,

Jul 23, 2019
Hunter 18.5 Revelstoke
Because we set up and break down almost every time we use the boat I wanted to reduce the amount off tools we would need so I made a cloth cover for the Windex that seems to work great. The cover velcro’s closed with a couple snaps close to the shaft to insure it stays closed at highway speed.

There is an orange tail off it so people see the mast better and it serves as a reminder to take the cover off before raising the mast. The cover doubles as a storage bag to keep all the sail ties in as an added bonus.

I can see it in my mirror when driving and the Windex stays put. Easy enough to make if you want to make setup just a little bit easier.
Jul 23, 2019
Hunter 18.5 Revelstoke
You could sell that.... :thumbup:
Well I got to admit that I’ve given that some thought as I have a small canvas shop but I just posted it to show how easy it is to solve removing your Windex every time you set up yourself
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Jul 25, 2013
Macgregor 26S near Vancouver, BC
I made a bracket for mine that attaches with a ball-lock pin, so I can just pop it off when the mast comes down.