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My license has expired ???????

Jun 8, 2004
Catalina 320 Dana Point
Monitoring 16 on an older DSC handheld today and switched over to Wx to see what they were saying. After every sentence a recorded voice said "You don't have a valid certificate on file for this radio or don't have a license. Please contact our sales department immediately". Thought maybe NOAA put the wrong recording on so I checked a non DSC radio and all was normal. I was too tired to investigate further, I did notice a little envelope-like symbol on the screen. It's a domestic MMSI number and I was 50 nm north of the Mexican border, do they expire or did the radio "forget" it's number maybe ?
Oct 9, 2008
Bristol 29.9 Dana Point
I tested it just now on boat's MMSI radio and obtained your same results on 2 of the weather channels. Then switched to handheld non MMSI radio and heard same recording on those channels. So it's not your radio.
There's no way a broadcast station can know what your MMSI license status is.
It's an anomaly with the broadcaster.
Feb 17, 2006
Lancer 27PS MCB Camp Pendleton KF6BL
Was it in the same voice? Is it possible that the message is being tacked onto the actual broadcast and there is an issue at NOAA? Maybe NOAA expired. LOL

By the way @Skipper, don't underestimate the needs of selling your info to get ad revenue. That would take the cake.
Jan 22, 2008
Hunter 34 Alameda CA
First I got a call from "The Fiduciary Department" informing me they had cancelled my SSN. I just have to call an overseas number to fix it. Now fake NOAA messages. It never ends.
Jun 8, 2004
Catalina 320 Dana Point
First thought was: "NOAA has a sales department ?" Glad to hear it's just a nationwide error and doesn't require any action on my part.