Mutineer -I need to seperate the hull from deck

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Aug 24, 2012
chrysler mutineer clark lake
Hello All,
I had read that someone atempted to seperate the hull from the deck on a Mutineer a few years back. Were they successfull in getting them seperated? If so how did they do it? I just removed the rub rail/trim, and all of the staples on my Mutineer, being that there is no other way to repair the damage to my hull and I am finding that they still seem stuck together. What am I missing? I would greatly appreciate any info anyone could give me on this task. Thanks
Sep 24, 2010
chrysler mutineer 15 lake nokamixon
You would need a flat knife you remove the pieces you already have it is still glued together,you will insert the knife between the two halfs and work your way around but I would not suggest this! We repaired ours from inside through storage holes and then from outside. Separating the two halfs will cause much more difficult repair.we now sail on lake nockamixon .
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