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Morgan 43 - 1985

Oct 29, 2013
Gulfstar 36 aux Gulfstar 36 aux Bloomfield Hills
I purchased the Morgan 43 in Dec. 2010. I have replace just about everything in the boat. Now I purchased the boat for 40K and now have 150K in her. I started with replacing the perkins 4-108 with a Yanmar 53Hp and max prop 3 blade 19 diameter. .When the engine was out I stripped the engine room clean and paint it gloss white. All thru holes were replaced. A few relocated. The Cockpit drain were cleaned up. All the teak plywood veneer was off. I bought 2X14X12 foot teak boards and cut them into 5/16X14X12 panels and covered all the plywood with these new panels. All wire and hoses were also replaced. The deck had a soft spot near the chain plates 18X36 . Balsam core replaced. 2 new AC units self contained 16K each. with new locations. As I went, every hole was painted with white gloss paint. The doors had to be knocked open- hammer tight. All the headers were re glassed in. I also Glass in a path for water management to the bilge from bow to stern I also put down new teak and holly floors.
new toilets and all new Corian kitchen counter tops. Expanded the galley cabinets. new teak cockpit floor. Painted the top deck with epoxy paint. Too many other details to mention here.

I was looking for a boom. I called Morgan up in fl. and ask what they had laying around.
They looked into there inventory 20 years old and never used in their barn. 400 for the boom 60 for the attachment hardware and 400 to ship in a wooden box. 860 and included the lines.. A 4/1 on the out haul sweet. In 25 knots winds I could pull i the boom out haul in by hand. It was 18 foot long and I cut it down to 15 foot.

4 years later, I just sailed her for the 1st time.
Sep 15, 2009
S2 9.2a Fairhope Al
congratulations....... i am waiting on the truck to haul her to mobil so i can do the same thing...won't be long now ......
Jan 1, 2006
Slickcraft 26 Greenport, NY
There's nothing more satisfying than seeing all that labor and expense come to fruition with a sail. Congratulations and enjoy your new old boat!
Nov 11, 2019
Morgan 43 CC New Bedford
I recently purchased a 1986 Morgan 43 CC. I Thought Morgan was closed ? I would love to get contact info on where you can track down old boom and hardware ? :)
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