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Morgan 28 O/I

Jun 19, 2004
Morgan M28 O/I Ocean Gate, NJ
With the unusually warm weather here in NJ, I have begun the task of replacing the salon floor of our boat. Of peculiar interest is the table which has a round cast aluminum base plate screwed to a wooden disc. The disc in turn has a single 1/2" nut in the center that is bolted to a stud sticking out of a steel plate at floor level(???). I wonder if anyone knows how thick this plate is and is it glassed into the hull?
FWIW, the floor itself seems to be 3/4" plywood with about 1/4" thick fiberglass on top. Don't know if this is original or not, but the glass work is horrible! A PO slopped mastic over the whole thing and fitted 1/4" luan ply. OMG... what have I gotten myself into here?