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Mast Raising System (for 7.3)

Jun 10, 2004
S2 9.2A Winthrop, MA
Looks good but you need to show the hard part....when it is just about upright...that is when it gets crazy!
Jun 26, 2012
S2 7.3 Lake Pleasant, AZ
On my daughter's Catalina 22 we don't use the gin pole or the safety baby stays. The mast wants to swing left and right partly because the tabernacle has just one central screw holding it to the deck. But on the S2, with the stays, the mast is under control sideways the whole time and feels secure even though it is way more massive. The scary part for me is when the mast gets lower than about 45 deg as it starts really loading up as a long heavy lever. Near the top is the easy part for me, as we have the backstay coming into play, the lowers and uppers beginning to act, plus the bridle, and most of the mass is now above the cabin. We leave the backstay and the lowers and uppers loose but attached when lowering or raising the mast. We only disconnect the front stay.
Sep 22, 2006
Catalina, Luger C-27, Adventure 30 Marina del Rey
I used one similar to yours but attached the base to bracket mounted to the deck. The lifting wire went to 7' up the mast. I wrapped a rope with a loop to attach the winch cable (didn't want to drill any more holes in the mast). When the winch was cranked it stayed upright and the mast would raise to meet it. Having it upright gave me more control. I used cheek blocks that just happened to be perfectly placed on the deck about 1-2" forward of the mast base. They remained taught as the mast raised. I now use the bridle system you have on the C27 except that I clamp a short lead to the lowers and use them to steady the mast. It gives it a much higher attachment point (spreaders) on the mast and more leverage.
Thanks for the Catalina video it got me fired up for our Labor Day weekend trip coming up. I hope the harbor is as empty as the one in your video. According to the Harbor Master they expect to be sold out before the reservation system kicks in at 10pm Thursday night. I may have to stay in Cat Harbor. The wife wants to go to Avalon the following week so I may leave the boat anchored in Cat Harbor for the week. I need to check with the Harbor Master to see if that is feasible.
Sep 17, 2017
Pearson 28-2 washington nc
I have found it easier to lower the mast forward where it comes to rest on a home-made rubber roller on the bow pulpit. A gin pole using my spinnaker pole provides leverage. The outer (rear) end of the pole is guyed to the wood rails exactly in line with the forward mast step pivot bolt. I sit on the mast near the bottom and remove the forward mast step pivot bolt then slide the lowered mast to the rear on top of the roller. Once past the balance point, I can just lift the horizontal mast into a travelling position.