Mast Raising Help

May 30, 2014
Catalina 250 southeastern CT
Live in southeastern CT. So could visit for help if necessary.
Should be simple question. When raising mast with trailer winch strap, what line is it attached to? Think it starts at the top of the mast, but which one. Have furler in the way. Also how keep mast from swinging out to the side?
Have only had boat, 1995 Catalina 250, about 1-2 months. Actually need a lot of guidance, but fact, not opinion please.
Nov 9, 2008
Pearson-O'Day 290 Portland Maine
Temporary stay AKA Bridle


Temporary stays. A loop around the mast. Aww heck, I'll draw it out. Give me a minute . . .

OK, I'm back.

The key is to have the ring centered on the pivot. You can adjust the location by changing the clip points. I used 3/16" StaSet and carabiner clips. Mark the locations on the toe rail (assuming a perforated one) with nylon ties or something for next time.

So, strap on the gin pole and lines. Loop the bridle around the mast and clip together using the halyard shackle. Now, attach the carabiners to the toe rail and tighten the halyard.

So, go ahead, raise the mast already!

We do this every weekend on our Lancer 25. Takes 5 minutes.



Sep 30, 2009
Catalina 250 CSA at Carlyle Lake
I also just purchased a Catalina 250. There is an owners manual that you can google and download from multiple locations for free. It shows exactly how the mast raising system works. To keep the mast from leaning to the side while raising, there should have been some baby stays included that attach from the chain plates to a slot in the mast about 6 or 7 feet up.
Good luck!
May 30, 2014
Catalina 250 southeastern CT
Ah ha, the "baby stays", or "short shrouds" prevent mast leaning to side. Now have to find the slots on each side of the mast. Also have to find "t-bolts" for those slots. I thinkam beginning to understand.