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Mariner Centerboard

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May 14, 2012
Oday 25 Shoal draft Mystic
I lowered the centerboard for the first time while under anchor and I can feel alot of play back and forth between the board and the inner trunk. I have the bolt snug to a new rubber fender washer, if I tighten it up more the washer will distort, but still there is a good gap between the centerboard and the inner trunk.
Is that normal? it seems as though with each tack I will hear a good thug sound as the centerboard shifts to the other side of the trunk.
Jun 2, 2004
Oday Day Sailer Wareham, MA
Some "play" is normal and necessary to avoid the CB jamming. The CB actually pivots on a bronze bushing that the bolt goes through, the bushing is clamped between the sides of the trunk and the CB pivots around that. The CB won't "clunk" that much as you tack as the water will slow the movement and once on the new tack the CB will be pushed against the sides of the trunk and not move side to side. You will want to raise the CB most of the way (if not all the way) while anchored or moored to reduce the clunking. I leave my CB down about 1/4 of it's travle while moored, that helps the boat lay better to the wind....but then the CB on my DS II weighs about 30# not the 165# of yours. My CB will clunk if left down while moored, but I never hear it clunk as I tack.
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