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Marina Neighbors

Sep 24, 2016
Hunter Cherubini 30 Cayuga Lake
So we have a totally obnoxious person on our boardwalk at the marina. No one can stand her, everyone hides in their boats when they see her coming, yet the owner loves her. She does nothing but stir the pot, her kids are wild, and she expects everyone to value her (very strange) opinions. If you dare cross her, the owner will have a "talk" with you about it.

Why is it always one person who has to ruin things for everyone else?

Anyone else ever have this problem?
Jun 3, 2010
Hunter 27-3 Erie
Seems like one per dock. However, the person on our dock only seems to be a problem when he gets into the bottle too deep. He has enough letters in his file that he always has one foot out the gate. He is also well known to the USCG and the rangers on the state park where he ran his sailboat aground on a protected bird sanctuary.
We did have the same woman you describe on our old dock, daughter of one of the founding members of our club. Same kids, rules are for everyone else attitude. We moved to the other side of the club.
Dec 30, 2010
Pacific Seacraft Orion27 HP: San Diego, M: Anacortes
At the marina dock I was at in San Diego, we had "characters..." But I don't recall anyone totally obnoxious. There were some dog folks that failed to clean up after Fido on the 4th weekend... that was nasty. But generally folks seemed to find a way to get along. I do know that outside of the dock, at the marina itself, there were a couple of folks that one was warned to not stop and chat with... as they would talk your ear off. And apparently once they had chatted with you, they would seek you out anytime you were around the marina. (each dock had an individual key card that only allowed access to that specific dock... so folks did not wander from dock to dock)

Actually, just outside the marina, there was a deli that was something of an incubator for "characters." The deli was old, had loose boards, and a very weathered look, and a palm frond cabana out back. The owner was a crusty guy, and the whole place just had an "end of the road" kinda feel. The deli owner put on a few free music concerts several summers ago before the whole place closed... and the crowd was rather interesting... everyone from Lesbian Bikers to the local Dock Lizards... and just enough folks in between to make it a raucous event. It was a scene. GRIN

The marina dock where I am in Anacortes is a ghost town... I see one or two folks here and there, but no general get together, no real sharing of ideas or general comment. One reason perhaps is that one side of the dock is for large boats, several of which seem to be for charters, hence we don't have the usual owners hanging about doing their own work. There are crews that zip about doing the maintenance, but they are fairly dispassionate about the boats... it's a job for them. Do it and get it done quickly.

I think a dock needs owners hanging about doing work to develop "characters..."

One nice thing about boats... if you don't like the view, or the neighborhood... you can always move.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Gunni.. Did that last week. Felt good. 15 knots of breeze, tacking here and there... Sun, wind, waves... Feeling very good...
Oct 24, 2010
Hunter 30 Everett, WA
I guess we are fortunate indeed. I haven't met anyone on our dock that wasn't pleasant.
Jssailem is an example of a really good neighbor.

Jul 4, 2012
Allied Princess Southwest Harbor
So far all the seasonal customers are nice. We do get obnoxious transients though. Last summer a SeaRay club spent a long weekend here. They partied non-stop and were generally LOUD.
Oct 22, 2014
CAL 35 Cruiser Portland OR, moored EVERETT WA
Welcome to the forum Chris. Great group of boat owners here.
Will reach out next time in Anacortes. I'm not always in the area, but love to sail and run up to the boat every opportunity. Perhaps we will meet on the water.