Marco Island to Florida Keys

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Can somebody give me some information on anchorages, depths, marinas etc. on sailing from Marco Island down to the Florida Keys.


Marco to Keys

Dorothy, First of all, you'll need a good number of charts. No single chart covers this area with enough detail. The whole area from the southwest corner of the mainland to the upper keys is very shallow, and should probably be avoided unless you're familiar with the area. Anchorages, marinas, etc depends on where in the keys you want to go, and whether you want to cruise the bay side or the ocean side. With a little more info, I can provide more specifics. Robert Pancza

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complicated area

This area is a bit tricky. If the weather is nice (and you have all the proper charts) you can find some nice anchorages along the Everglades. Ponce De Leon Bay is a nice one if the wind is from the east (near Shark River). You have to be VERY carefull about draft, SeaTow does not just show up down here, you are alone. If you have a comfortable cruising boat I would just leave Marco with a good weather window and sail straight through to the Keys. The only marina I know of is Goodland Key (just below Marco) and Everglades City. After that the only other marina I know of is Flamingo. The Everglades are beautiful but very lonely (except for the mosquitoes). Goodluck.
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