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manual bilge pump

Aug 22, 2013
hunter 18.5 Candlewood Lake
Just purchased a Precision 18 in excellent condition. But...I guess the former owner did not realize he had water in the bilge or forgot about it. My problem is finding an simple easy to operate manual pump that has an intake, or extension tube to the intake, that will fit into the bilge on this boat. I have a typical pump that barely fits through the inspection port in the sole and past the centerboard housing and keel ballast "slot" but it will not go through this narrow space and all the way to the bottom - about a foot+ in depth. I need a slim pump, or one with a flexible tube no wider than about 3/4" to fit through this space.

Any suggestions?
May 24, 2004
CC 30 South Florida
Try a pump extractor, used for sucking oil out of engines through the dipstick tube. Pump a couple of times and it creates a vacum in the container which will continue to suck until it starts sucking air. I have used them to pump coolant out of a radiator and work fine.