Main sheet diagram

Apr 24, 2020
Hunter Cheribini 37 Portland
I've got a H37C and am not sure of the main sheet path. there are two sheaves port and starboard and none under the boom near the mast. Anyone have a picture or diagram?
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
Can you supply a photo of the boom and traveler and boom bails? I am sure Hunter Cheribini 37 owners will confirm. In the meantime, the diagram on the left from - HUNTER 37 Sailboat shows the mainsheet attached to blocks on mid-boom bails routed to traveler blocks like shown in the photo on the left (not a 37C) then to the mast and back to the cockpit through blocks probably to a jam cleat, clutch and then to a winch. Do you have this arrangement?

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