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Loos Gauge near Canyon Lake?

Sep 16, 2020
Catalina 22 New Braunfels
Hello Cat 22's. New owner, first post. I purchased my Boat in Tulsa OK. Attempted to trailer home and lost the axle. A week later after my first B.O.A.T. I returned to Tulsa and made it home. I am in the process of doing a Bottom Job, replacing the keel cable, turning ball, volcano and last but not least the Bow Eye. When I saw the boat in the water near Tulsa it seamed the shrouds were loose to me. I am thinking I'd like to check the tension with a Loos Gauge but do not have any experience doing that other than YouTube study. Anyone near the Canyon Lake Texas area that can assist? Thanks Dan. Also, while installing the new Volcano I could not seem to get it down as low as the one I was replacing. I am thinking I could take a heat gun to it to see if I can get it down lower. Or should I not be concerned. Seems pretty tight with both of the clamps in place.


Aug 9, 2011
Beneteau 310 Cheney KS (Wichita)
Find one of the J24 guys at the Yacht Club. I'm sure they would have one and experience using it.
Nov 26, 2012
Hunter 34 Berkeley
May I suggest the Seldon Mast tuning guide? It relates the tension in the cable to the amount of stretch. I like this because it is more precise than using a Loos tension gauge which I have never really been able to read accurately. Google it or look for it in the downloads on this site. It works like this: Attach a 1 meter stick to the cable. It should be anchored at the top end and free to slip at the bottom end. Turn the turn buckle and, while counting the turns, observe how many turns to stretch 1mm. Record this. 1mm of stretch represents a known amount of tension in the cable, say 1000lbs for example. Now you know how many turns equals 1000 lbs of tension. Do this for each stay as they will all be different (it varies with cable length). The Seldon guide goes into much more detail but this is the gist of it. I find it very useful.
Sep 15, 2016
Catalina 22 Minnesota
You are in the heart of C22 racing territory! Not only could you find someone with a gauge who could tell you how to use it but even give you some pointers if you want. Check out the C22 association page. There even used to be a C22 fleet at Canyon Lake so odds are there is still a boat or 2 left from that fleet. As for rigging and tension the tech manual has more than you'll ever need in it so if you don't have it yet it would be a good idea to pick up as well. It's also available from the association and hundreds of pages long with info on projects, repairs, etc.

May 23, 2016
Catalina 22 #12502 BSC
re: volcano, as long as you can get 2 clamps on it. good to go IMO.
re: loos gauge, invest in one, not big bucks and eze to use...
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Jul 7, 2004
Hunter 30T Cheney, KS
Not much help. I just have to chime in :)
I have 2 Loos gauges now. The one I had for my MacGregor 26S is now used for my Hunter's split backstay. I had to buy a second, larger Loos for my shrouds. If nothing else, the gauges tell me the tension is equal on both sides.
Since I started sailing and became more appreciative of the wind, I've wondered if Canyon Lake had good sailing. I knew there is a club there. I grew up in San Antonio up to the early 70's. Canyon Lake and the Guadalupe were party spots back then. Simpler times, before the commercialization.
Sep 16, 2020
Catalina 22 New Braunfels
Thanks to everyone. Justin, I checked into slipping in Canyon Lake. Both Marina's are around $350 a month and the Yacht Club is about the same plus dues... I think I will be doing a lot of trailering and untrailering. lol. Corpus Christi Marina is only $150 a month but it is a couple of hours from me instead of 20 minutes to Canyon Lake.
Sep 25, 2019
2002 Cat 22 MkII Lake Somerville
$110/mth over here at Lake Somerville Marina. Granted....Lake Somerville is NOT Canyon Lake as far as aesthetics go. Guess you'd be paying for keeping her slipped in one of the most beutiful lakes in Texas! :cool:

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Sep 16, 2020
Catalina 22 New Braunfels
Well that is fair. It's only $150 at the Corpus Marina. I am only about 10-15 miles from Canyon. Guess I will have to get good at loading an unloading to save that slip fee.