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Looking to buy a 1995 C30...

Nov 3, 2013
ODay 272 Beacon NY
This boat does need work and I was wondering what the costs would be to replace all of the running rigging? Also, where do I find the sheet sizes and lengths required for this boat? Thanks all.


Feb 14, 2017
Catalina 310 211 RoseLeigh Lake Guntersville, AL

You can start with them on an idea of cost then look for other options. For example they had a sale on sails now but so are a lot of other lofts coming into winter.

Dave Groshong

SBO Staff
Staff member
Jan 25, 2007
Catalina 22 Seattle
Our Rigging Calculator will make buying halyards and jib sheets easy:

I can help with the mainsheet, vang lines and traveler control lines, give me a call if you'd like

877-932-7245 x116
Mon-Fri, 9-3:30 Pacific


Feb 14, 2017
Catalina 310 211 RoseLeigh Lake Guntersville, AL
@Dave Groshong is right, SBO is almost always better on running rigging then Catalina direct. I like to use Catalina Direct for size and length check. SBO makes nice lines with whips and shackles ready to go which I really like.
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Dec 11, 2004
Catalina 30 easy living
stay away from catalina direct. they have nothing to do with catalina yachts and know nothing about catalina boats. instead, go to garhauer . they know everything about your boat and are friendly and honest.