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Looking for Apollo Parts

May 14, 2013
AMF Apollo Harwich MA
Hi - I'm looking for a rudder, a mast foot, and a jib furler for an AMF Apollo 16 sailboat.
I have a great hull and sails, most of the mast and boom, and a good centerboard.
Please help me to get this exciting looking boat in the water!
Rob Wills
Harwich MA
Sep 15, 2009
S2 9.2a Fairhope Al
i may know where that stuff is it will take me about a week to find out if it is what you need i will post that information......it may be gone but i will check and see...


May 14, 2013
AMF Apollo Harwich MA
Hi - I'm still looking for a rudder for an AMF Apollo - or a photo and description of materials - thanks!