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Looking for any info!

Oct 4, 2004
International Offshore 50 Alameda
Please help me if you can - I own a 48-50' International Offshore manufactured in 1981 in Santa Ana California (apparently manufactured for about 4 years there).

I have been unable to find any information on this boat anywhere with the exception of some first hand knowledge from Mark Heacox from Mark Plastics in Corona - the yard used Go Industries windows and a sticker on one of the windows lead me to him.

The boat is a large power boat and was apparently manufactured in the still active yard at Columbia Yachts - or their old yard. Dick Valdes' son said it was just prior to Dick being back there but he had no real lead - though he said he would try to ask his father.

We are located up here in Alameda Ca and are doing a complete refit and customization. If you have any leads on the specs / drawings it would really be appreciated!!!

Enclosed is a picture of it prior to restoration and customization.

Thank you - !!!!!
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