locating rit colour gelcoat for 1981 Oday 34


Aug 17, 2019
ODay 34 Hamilton
Hi there new Oday 34 owner, just wondering where Oday owners get right colour gelcoat for deck repairs
Aug 16, 2016
Pacific Dolphin 24 Phoenix, Arizona
Jamestown Distributors has colored gelcoat, but get the tubes of tint to make fine adjustments. Make your color match BEFORE adding catalyst.
Dec 2, 1997
- - LIttle Rock
I see you're a brand new member...welcome aboard the SS sailboatowners.com!

The original color will no longer be a match 'cuz the gelcoat on a boat that old--any boat more than just a year or two old--will have oxydized quite a bit. So what you really need is advice on how to create a matching color.

(A bit out of my sanitation systems "wheelhouse," but I had to deal with the same problem when I restored a 20 yr old boat...have a little time on my hands, so decided to chime in.)

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May 17, 2004
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Like Peggie said, the original color probably won't be a very good match anymore, unless you're just looking to patch some really out of the way place. BoatworksToday does have some instruction on how to achieve the right color though -