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Little Pinholes In Fiberglass

Dec 11, 2015
Hunter 25 Plymouth
I just purchased my first Irwin sailboat (28). I’ve been sanding down the topside paint and have found little pinholes in the fiberglass and/or the gelcoat. My previous boat, a Hunter didn’t have anything like this. Has anyone seen the same on their boat and if so, do you know what it is?
Feb 21, 2013
Hunter 46 Point Richmond, CA
I understand pinholes in gelcoat may be caused by air pockets or dirt getting into it during spraying. These threads might shed some light on what causes pinholes: Pinholes in gelcoat (talkcomposites.com) and Pinholes in gelcoat after spray | Boat Design Ne . A 37 year old boat I recently purchased had pinholes in the pattern nonskid. Repair plan is to either fill them with thickened epoxy with cabosil and/or fill with color-matched gelcoat using Flex-Mold. More information on how to repair pinholes may be found in ths thread: filling pinholes in epoxy resin / fiberglass | Boating Forum - iboats Boating Forums
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