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Like a bad case of piles, I have returned

Jul 1, 1998
Hunter Legend 35 Poulsbo/Semiahmoo WA
That is a really scary word "cancer". Sure glad it was caught before it got worse and hopefully the treatment did its job.
An old longtime friend of mine had cancer in the mouth area and had a lot of it removed but he is ~ 80 now and doing well. My dentist's wife had cancer in the mouth or throat area, not sure exactly where, and had to have surgery and whatever, and she is doing okay, and this was something like about 20 years ago.
Something. that never used to happen before with a dental visit is they throughly check inside the mouth now so that is comforting.
Fortunately, we live is a good area for cancer treatment so hopefully you didn't have to travel far. The good news is you got good treatment (Seattle?). The bad news is, that's one of the COVID-19 hot spots!
We wish you to stay well, Phil, and as a suggestion, try to avoid letting any of our posts be a stressor. Maybe a more comfortable computer chair is in the future?

Ward H

Nov 7, 2011
Catalina 30 Mk II Barnegat, NJ
Welcome back Phil,
Glad the worst is over and you're on the mend.
Dec 25, 2000
Hunter Passage 42 Shelter Bay, WA
Hi Phil, very good news to have you back. Nasty stuff, that cancer. Seems the prognosis looks good for a full recovery. Welcome home.


Sep 12, 2019
Catalina, Hobbie 22, 16 Windycrest
Today, Brian handed me the keys to the forum once again. He did a terrific job of keeping this mess of duct tape and baling wire together while I was gone. All of us owe him our thanks.

My mystery absence was caused by a run-in with throat cancer. Fortunately, it was a type that's rarely fatal but the treatment can be difficult. They caught it early, I was lucky to tolerate the radiation and chemo pretty well, and now the tough part is in the rearview mirror. My final CT scan is a couple months away but the oncologist says she's only seen one case of this that wasn't cured by the first round of treatment. So the current goal is gaining strength, avoiding COVID, and getting past chemo-brain... which is a real thing.

Bonus: I've been sheltered in place for three months so life doesn't feel any different under the stay-at-home order!

I appreciate everyone's cooperation in my absence. It's good to be back!
Welcome back, mod. This place is so great !
Jun 21, 2004
Beneteau 343 Slidell, LA
Welcome back! Happy to hear that you have completed treatment and have a good prognosis. I have been there too and I know first hand that it is tough getting through the process. Hope you continue to mend uneventfully. You lent the keys to a good man; Brian

Tom J

Sep 30, 2008
Catalina 310 Quincy, MA
Welcome back, Phil. My brother had the same treatment and has recovered very nicely. Good to have you back with us.
Nov 6, 2006
Hunter 34 Mandeville Louisiana
Welcome Back Phil! great to hear that things are looking up ..

Thanks Brian for keeping the cats herded..
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Bob S

Sep 27, 2007
Beneteau 393 New Bedford, MA
Phil glad to hear you’re on the road to recovery. A dear friend of mine went through the same thing a year ago. It was a lot harder than he thought it would be. Took a fair amount of time to recover his ability to taste and generate saliva. Praying for a complete recovery. Stay safe, we need you!


Jan 22, 2008
Tartan 37 Pensacola Shipyard, FL
Glad to have you back, Phil.

I saved my favorite programming groaner for you.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.
Oct 26, 2008
Starwind 27 Barnegat, NJ
Maybe somebody should start a little controversy just to make you feel right back at home? ;) It's been a little while since the last global warming conflict! Welcome back Phil! You've been missed and it's good to hear you're on the mend.


Mar 23, 2017
Hunter 30 Snug Harbor, Lake Champlain
Glad to have you back, Phil.

I saved my favorite programming groaner for you.

There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.
That's actually a really good joke! However, I would hate to hit the like button. there is no *major groan* option...

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May 17, 2004
Beneteau Oceanis 37 LE Havre de Grace
There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don't.
Well, if we’re drifting into geek jokes -

Me: Can I tell you a joke about TCP?

You: Sure, I acknowledge that you can tell me a joke about TCP.

Me: Ok, I’ll tell you a joke about TCP.

(that’s the joke)

Not funny enough? I’d tell you a joke about UDP, but I’m not sure you’d get it.