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Lancer 45'

Apr 18, 2021
Lancer 45 Channel Islands Marina
I purchased a 1982 45' Lancer Masthead Sloop in June of 2020, I spent the last few months renovating and upgrading just about everything. I have been having issues with fuel and losing prime when hitting rougher water. Anything rougher than the harbor. Found a lot of junk in the tank during a fuel polishing. There is not very good access to the tank to do a good cleaning. I am thinking of taking the floor up just over the tank and cutting access holes to access the interior of the tank and try to do a betting cleaning. I have also thought of replacing the tank. I am wondering if anyone has experienced this with this boat and if so do you know what issues I might run into trying to replace the tank.
Jan 7, 2011
Oday 322 East Chicago, IN
Sometimes there is a screen at the end of the fuel pickup tube that can get plugged or blocked, once you increase throttle or get into choppy water.

Also, have you checked the filters to make sure that they are not gummed up (and when you increase throttle, the engine starves for fuel).

Other issues could be an air leak somewhere. Not sure why it would only manifest during choppy water though (except these issues always turn up at the least opportune times.

Apr 18, 2021
Lancer 45 Channel Islands Marina
Yes, to all of the above. I have three filter systems, they are all clean because they have been replaced, in the beginning the first filter just above the pickup tube had water and crap in the bowl. This is what made me polish the fuel and vacuum the bottom of the fuel tank. The result was the removal of a quart of pure sludge. The fuel tank had only maybe 25 gals of fuel when I purchased the boat. After several months of working on the boat I filled the tank up. After three short trips out to rough water is when this issue started. I am thinking I filled the tank and all the crud that had grown on the walls of the tank after 30 years started to jell up and drop to the bottom of the tank. That just makes me think the tank is full of crap and the only way to solve the problem is to access the tank and clean it out or replace it. This is my dilemma. I don't know what I will encounter when I get to the tank. My first thought is to replace the tank. but is that as easy as said. What is the tank made of, what size is it, was it built into the boat, will it fit out the boats access hole, will it need to be cut up to get it out, what tank is needed to replace the old tank? Or, should I just cut a couple of holes in the top of the existing tank and power wash it, install new access holes and adapt the floor to the new access holes. What I am wondering has anyone ever had this issue with a Lancer 45'?

To give you some history. I have been toed back to my slip 4 times. I have removed the pick up tube and cleaned it twice. There is no screen at the end of the pick up tube. There was a check valve just outside of the tank just above the pick up tube. I remove it and replaced a ball valve on the fuel line right above the pickup tube. Just above that is a filter system with a water separator bowl. Several feet aft towards the 89 hp Perkins Deisel motor is a second filter system. just before that is an electric fuel pump. After the second filter system is the manual motor actuated fuel pump. from there is the fuel injector pump filter and then the fuel injector pump.

Right now I am in a holding pattern. The fuel system shut down and I had to be toed into my slip. I have attempted to prime everything but it has not worked. Had to leave town so have not ventured any deeper. Thinking when I pull the pickup tube I will find it clogged. Won't know until mid May.

Just wondering if anyone else has the same boat and is having the same problem or has had the same problem.