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Kiwi prop on B-331 improves fuel usage by 14%


Apr 22, 2008
Beneteau 331 Grand Rivers, KY
I just replaced my original Beneteau 3 bladed 16" prop with a Kiwi 16.5" three bladed feathering prop. Results: 3,000 rpm gives 7.0 knots (was 6.2 before) I can now run at 2,400 rpm and get 6.0 knots, for about a 14% improved fuel usage. She also backs up to pump out much better than before. No wind on water last weekend so no idea about improved sailing speed yet.
Mar 28, 2017
American Tug 395 Newport
Does the engine still make max rpm?
Sounds like perhaps they gave you more pitch. That is fine as long as you are not over propped...