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Kittiwake Fittings

Jun 5, 2014
Kittiwake 23 23 Texas City
Can somebody please inform me what the original winches were on the sailboat and what they could be replaced with (mount wise).

Dec 7, 2012
Kittiwake 23, Irwin 43 .. Indianapolis / indianatown, fl
hello Kimbo

welcome to the kittiwake family... I am almost finished rebuilding mine... I splash her tomorrow at the lake.... I have an original set of winches for the kittiwake, I am not using them... I replaced my winches with lewmar No#6.... I have 4 winches on my boat.... 2 on the cockpit sides and 2 on top of the cabin top.... the original winches are bronze style with the handle that inserts into them on the side and locks in... I have the 2 winches and the handle in my garage on my work bench... I did not care for the locking handle... I prefer the lewmar winches....

your boat look wonderful.... hull #205.... not far from mine... I have hull #214.... do you have the eagle for the transom ?.... most people lost them over time.... I have the eagle and I painted it gold... looks great against the white transom...

again, welcome to the kittiwake family...