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Kingston, Ontario Anyone?

Oct 11, 2016
C&C MK II Britannia
Hello All,

I'm planning a sailing move from Ottawa area to Kingston. Is anyone on these forums from the Kingston area?

Anyone currently a member of the Kingston Marina? Collins Bay Marina or Treasure Island Marina?g

I'm also trying to track down local big boat (36+) Hunter owners as I am considering an upgrade.

If you keep a big boat in one of those marina's I would really appreciate a quick chat re your experience.

Thank you very much
Oct 13, 2016
Hunter 33 Kingston
Hey Chanlmee!

I'm in Kingston and I sail out of Trident Yacht Club. You should consider us if you're moving in the area as we're always looking for new members. Trident is located in the Bateau Channel, right between Kingston and Gananoque. We're about 30 minutes motoring distance from the first of the Thousand Islands.

I live about 10 minutes North of Collins Bay Marina. I wouldn't go there unless I liked having small planes fly above my boat (or trains screaming by in the middle of the night. Its a nice marine but the location just sucks (my opinion).

Treasure Island is a small marina about 30 - 40 minutes west of Trident Yacht Club by boat (10 minutes by car). We had quite a few members join that came from that marina.

Trident Yacht Club has recently dropped its initiation fees and there is a discount for sailboats under 30'.

You should check us out!

Feb 2, 2006
Hunter Legend 35 Kingston
Hi there,

Happen to have a Hunter Legend 35, at KYC. Happy to tell you all about what KYC can offer.

Oct 11, 2016
C&C MK II Britannia
Thank you gentlemen - much appreciated. I will visit each marina in person and likely circle back. Always nice to know someone in a particular marina. Cheers